​My journey to IFBB Pro’s has been more a dream come true.

13jrusaeve3b0161[1]My journey to IFBB Pro’s has been more a dream come true. With the amazing help of Kevin Stewart I would not look my best today.
​I met Kevin about 2 years ago at Cardinal Fitness when I was in prep for my 3rd NPC figure show. Kevin approach me and asked what was I training for and who was my trainer. So we began to talk, and the next thing I knew we had scheduled our first session together. As a personal trainer I know how to train myself, but needed help with my trouble area “my legs.” No matter how talented you are everyone needs someone to help push them to be13jrusaeve3b0191[1]st of their ability. My perfect match was Kevin Stewart! We have been working together for almost 2 years now. Kevin trained my legs through my 3rd show Indianapolis Championship were I took figure 1st place and overall. My 4th show Indiana Championships where I took figure 1st place and overall as well. Then my 5th show USA Nationals were placed 7th. Remind you I accomplished all these shows in one year 2012. And on May 18th 2013 I turned Pro at Jr. USA’s. This was one of the most amazing days of my life, a dream come true. I’m so bless to have made it this far in less than 3 years! Without Kevin I’m not sure where I would be right now. Kevin helped push me to the max every time we trained together. My legs have never looked this good, not even in my high school years. I can’t say thank you enough; Kevin not only are you an amazing trainer, but a great friend. Thanks Million for all you do!

~Teela Thompson~


  1. Yes mate. He’s very approachable and aawyls has a smile on his face. I had the pleasure of chatting with him during this course in June and I can only say positive things.

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