Kevin is the ideal “Personal Trainer”

First off, I wanna say if you are looking for a personal trainer/coach look no more. When it comes to fitness on a personal level, Kevin is the ideal "Personal Trainer". I've been into fitness since 2008 and you cannot keep me out of the gym. When I first started exercising all I wanted was to stand-out in a crowd of people. As I continued to workout on a consistent basis, my goals started to … [Read more...]

I feel blessed to know him and am excited for the great things to come.

Working with Kevin is absolutely amazing. He has helped me to achieve results that I never thought were obtainable for me. He is the "leg doctor"! Kevin's knowledge of the body and passion for what he does are a few of the things that make him so great at what he does. Just show up and Kevin will help you get the results you want. I feel blessed to know him and am excited for the great things to … [Read more...]

When I felt like I couldn’t do it or wasn’t going to be good enough, they were always there picking me up and pushing me.

My relationship with Stewart Fitness began approximately 7 years ago when after having my second baby, I decided to illicit the help of Kevin Stewart, personal trainer. This relationship has continued to foster and has become an important staple and motivation in my life. Kevin's support, guidance, and belief in me has been unwavering. When I slack off, Kevin is always there reeling me back in, … [Read more...]

​My journey to IFBB Pro’s has been more a dream come true.

My journey to IFBB Pro’s has been more a dream come true. With the amazing help of Kevin Stewart I would not look my best today. ​I met Kevin about 2 years ago at Cardinal Fitness when I was in prep for my 3rd NPC figure show. Kevin approach me and asked what was I training for and who was my trainer. So we began to talk, and the next thing I knew we had scheduled our first session together. As a … [Read more...]

I was more motivated than ever

In 2012, I competed in my first figure competition after having two children. It was a lot of hard work and dedication to make it back on stage. Unfortunately, I did not even place in my class. I was more motivated than ever to get back in the weight room. Where I really needed guidance was with my nutrition and posing. After interviewing several potential trainers, I decided to hire Kevin for his … [Read more...]

I was strong and extremely prepared for my season

"I'm a college athlete who started Stewart Fitness already in good physical condition but through Stewart's soccer specific workouts he pushed me to take it a step farther so I was strong and extremely prepared for my season." Olivia Holden Georgia College & State University … [Read more...]

I no longer feel helpless or out of shape.

Up until 2007, I had been an extremely active and fit individual. I ran mini-marathons, participated in intramural sports, regularly cycled 50+ miles a week and even did a mini-triathlon. I herniated three discs in my lower back in fall of 2007, and my fitness and health came to a grinding halt. After several months in physical therapy along with several spinal cortisone injections, I was feeling … [Read more...]

I have become toner, stronger, and faster

I've been an athlete my whole life but when school became more important and college was right around the corner I had to stop and focus on my grades and working. I wanted to keep my fitness up but going to the gym and pushing myself wasn't enough. I chose to start training with Kevin to learn new exercises and for him to push me. I've always had pain in my elbow when I lift weights and didn't … [Read more...]

I never feel like I CAN’T with Kevin and that is huge!

I have been working out for over 20 years and have fluctuated size and weight after I hit my 30’s. ( I am in my 40’s now).  My passion and career are in the health and wellness industry and trying to find a trainer that also embodies the healthy lifestyle attitude, has been a challenge. I have been at my gym for 8 years and after working with many, many trainers, I LOVE the way that Kevin Stewart … [Read more...]

Thanks Kevin and Jen!!

I’ve been attending Kevin’s boot camp at my work for about two years now.  As a working parent, finding time to exercise can be difficult, but I can always rely on Kevin to push me and get a great work out in during my lunch break, which is perfect for my schedule.  It motivates me to get through the rest of the work day and I feel great knowing  when I go home, I can focus on my family and that I … [Read more...]

It was one of the best decisions I have made to help benefit my soccer career!

I started working with Kevin in my junior year of high school. I’ve been a soccer player since I was four. I played in a top premier league for my club and I am now going off to play Division 1 soccer at Eastern Illinois this fall. During my junior year, I decided to start working with Kevin to get some one on one training to build my strength on the soccer field. I knew that if I wanted to take … [Read more...]

Kevin is great to work with!

Kevin is great to work with and will tailor a work out to meet your particular goals and abilities. I was having problems with one of my knees and there were some exercises I couldn't do without pain. Other movements were substituted and Kevin started me on an exercise that targeted the cause of my knee pain. After a few months it occurred to me that it has been a long time since I felt pain in … [Read more...]

Stewart Fitness made it possible for me to obtain my goals!

Stewart Fitness made it possible for me to obtain my goals.  They helped me get into the best shape of my life and were there for me every step of the way, even on the day of my competition.  I couldn't have done it without them! … [Read more...]

I recommend Stewart Fitness to anyone, no matter what your goals are, they can help you!

Kevin Stewart of Stewart Fitness along with his wife Jenn, are two amazing people. My name is Reed and I am an employee at Cardinal Fitness where most of the time, you will see either Kevin or Jenn there, working out or working with their clients. I myself have very much so been into fitness and athletics. I played tennis and wrestled all four years of high school, and even started working out at … [Read more...]

I feel more healthy and can see the results from my efforts!

Kevin has provided me with both tools and state of mind to help me to be my best regarding my health and fitness. He has shown me that health and fitness are a lifestyle and a science. For the first time in years I feel more healthy and can see the results from my efforts - based on the training and guidance that Kevin has provided to me. Tim Rauschenbach … [Read more...]

I’m working harder and realizing gains far beyond anyone else!

I've been working with Kevin Stewart for eight weeks and I can't believe the improvements I've seen in such a short time. I had joined the Weight Watchers program and was really looking to get something more out of my fitness center membership instead of the same 45 minutes of elliptical training and the occasional 60 minutes of wandering around the different weight machines with no direction. I … [Read more...]

I cant imagine myself with a better group than Stewart Fitness Training!

Kevin has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He takes time to listen to what you are looking to get out of training, personal insecurities and obstacles and over arching goals. From all of this information, he creates a system that is tailored just for you to help reach your goals, conquor those insecurities and break though past workout obstacles. He is one of the few trainers that is able … [Read more...]

With this change in my body, it has also promoted healthy dieting and the desire to stay in shape!

I have been an extremely active person for much of my life. Being involved in competitive sports forced me to maintain a physically fit body and healthy lifestyle. Even throughout college at DePauw University, I played varsity soccer all four years of my schooling, which demanded me to stay at my peak physical and mental fitness in order to successfully compete at this high level. Following my … [Read more...]

I recommend Stewart Fitness without reservation as a high quality, professional, physical fitness services provider!

I am writing in recommendation of Stewart Fitness as a great provider of physical fitness training services. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Stewart Fitness for over a year now. Stewart Fitness has demonstrated important qualities to me as a services provider, including: 100% dependability on contract services delivery Flexibility in scheduling and program … [Read more...]

I began to see the results of all the hard work and training!

On January 14, 2008 you started me on a very strict meal plan with the goal of dropping some unwanted inches and pounds. My initial goal was to just see if I would have the discipline to stick to the eating plan. I found that if you want something, you will find the discipline and will power to do it or make it happen. I did just that, I stay true to the meal plan for 4 months and loss 22 … [Read more...]

I met all of my fitness goals!

If you’re looking for results choose Stewart Fitness. In February of 2008, I decided to begin training for the NPC Indianapolis Body Building competition. It was my first competition and I needed a lot of direction and help getting started. So I chose Stewart Fitness and decided to have Kevin lead me to my goal. On February 24th I was measured at 13.5% body fat and weighed in at 223 lbs, and in 15 … [Read more...]

Once you go Stewart Fitness you never go back!!

I was always a heavy weight lifter. I had it in my mind that in order to maintain muscle mass you had to lift heavy weights. I did all the traditional uni-axial motions with heavy weights. As time went by (I got older) my joints became more and more sore. It became increasingly hard to maintain my workout routine. That is when my wife and I decided to give Kevin a try. It was tough doing … [Read more...]

Choosing Stewart Fitness has been my most positive life decision!

“As long as I can remember, I have always been more of a book guy than a gym guy. I just didn’t really enjoy exercising for fitness. I had tried to exercise and eat right on several occasions, but I always relapsed after a short time, and before tangible results were available. All of that changed when I started working with Kevin from Stewart Fitness in August of 2009. Kevin’s positive feedback, … [Read more...]

I lost 16 pounds and went from 20% body fat down to 10%!

Even though I have always been active and worked out several days a week I wasn’t able to lower my body fat for that “look” that I wanted to achieve. Kevin set up a diet plan geared towards my goals that was easy to follow. He took the time to explain the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the diet for me. He was always available and willing to answer my questions. Kevin tracked my weight lost and body fat … [Read more...]

I continue to be amazed with the unique workouts!

I thought I was in decent shape untill I had my first workout with Kevin!! We accomplished more in one of his 30 minute workouts, than I was doing in an hour of one of mine. I continue to be amazed with the unique workouts and individual plans he provides. Plus, he is amusing :) which makes the time pass quickly. Kelle Meng … [Read more...]