Group Fitness

Our Focus

At Stewart Fitness’ Group Class, we see no boundaries to the potential everyone can reach. We’ve created quality, accessible and cost-effective fitness programs for individuals of all fitness levels. Our environment will inspire maximum participation, promote personal satisfaction, and support and mold healthy lifestyles.

We walk the walk!
Other classes promise to make you leaner, stronger, and faster, but we’ll acctually show you how our fitness progam attends to your individual needs and provides you with the BEST possible results!!!

How Can Our Unique Classes Benefit You?

Expected Results:

• Improved core strength
• Improved cardio endurance
• Improved balance
• Improved flexibility
• Body fat reduction
• Increase lean muscle
• Reduce stress levels

Join our team! We love what we do, and we want to assist and motivate our team members to acheive each and every goal they set! The advantage for YOU is our ability to give you the passion to push yourself to the barrier and BREAK through it!