I have become toner, stronger, and faster

I’ve been an athlete my whole life but when school became more important and college was right around the corner I had to stop and focus on my grades and working. I wanted to keep my fitness up but going to the gym and pushing myself wasn’t enough. I chose to start training with Kevin to learn new exercises and for him to push me. I’ve always had pain in my elbow when I lift weights and didn’t know what to do about it. He was able to show me exercises that I could do without pain and how to stretch it well. The 10 months I have trained with him, I have become toner, stronger, and faster. I plan on keeping up with my exercises he has shown at college and want to join the soccer club at Purdue.

Thank you Kevin for encouraging me to keep going. Without you I wouldn’t set goals and stay with it.

Sarah Westerbeck

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