I met all of my fitness goals!

If you’re looking for results choose Stewart Fitness. In February of 2008, I decided to begin training for the NPC Indianapolis Body Building competition. It was my first competition and I needed a lot of direction and help getting started. So I chose Stewart Fitness and decided to have Kevin lead me to my goal. On February 24th I was measured at 13.5% body fat and weighed in at 223 lbs, and in 15 weeks I met all of my fitness goals by dropping 10% body fat (down to 3.5%) and 28 lbs. (down to 195) of fat by June 7th. I came into the body building competition in the best shape of my life and ended up winning my first competition in the light heavy weight novice division. I can’t begin to tell you how excited and proud I was to stand on that stage, but I couldn’t have done it without Kevin’s personal training guidance and knowledge.

He lead me every step of the way, through the grueling process he was always there to provide feedback, give words of encouragement, track and monitor my progress, and share his training expertise with me. He showed his commitment to me by always taking the time to answer my questions, calling me just to see how I was doing and see if I needed anything, always pushing me physically and continually preparing me mentally along my 15 week journey. In between his son’s hockey tryouts and other family commitments he was right there by my side up until the very second I went on stage. Bottom line, with Kevin and Stewart Fitness you get “real” results; just look at my competition photos. Overall, he is a winner. He has a great ability to motivate and lead, has tremendous training knowledge, is loyal and honest, and follows through on his word, but most importantly he is a down to earth person who’s enjoyable to be around and who treats his clients like family. Thanks Kevin.

Ben Meyer

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