I never feel like I CAN’T with Kevin and that is huge!

I have been working out for over 20 years and have fluctuated size and weight after I hit my 30’s. ( I am in my 40’s now).  My passion and career are in the health and wellness industry and trying to find a trainer that also embodies the healthy lifestyle attitude, has been a challenge. I have been at my gym for 8 years and after working with many, many trainers, I LOVE the way that Kevin Stewart implements BOTH the importance of exercise and quality of food intake in his work. Fitness and Image are truly about how we FEEL and trainers needs to focus more on this and Kevin does!

I know that I am very picky.  With my science and health background,  working with trainers that always focused on building muscle and working out hard core was not healthy for me. I was diagnosed with a muscle condition in my early 30’s and this completely altered the intensity and variety of exercises I was capable of enduring. So, the new strategy HAD to be that I could still enjoy working out, eating healthy and staying FIT!  This is where Kevin stepped in. He embodies the  knowledge of human physiology and how it can be varied per each individual’s body types and needs. Basically, he didn’t create one routine for EVERYONE, he was able to customize each of his workouts to fulfill each of his client’s physical conditions. I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT! He would monitor my condition and ALWAYS give me alternatives to do. I never feel like I CAN’T with Kevin and that is huge!

I currently attend his boot camp sessions in the afternoon at least 1-2 times a week during my lunch and would love to do more. I recommend Kevin and Stewart Fitness to anyone who would like to embody the true sense of what health and fitness should be. A balance between working out, eating healthy and having a healthy attitude. Let’s face it, he’s a pretty great guy as well and has made a huge difference in many lives. You can’t get any better than that. Thank you Kevin and keep doing what you are doing!!!

Sonal Sheth

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