I now know that I am in shape and cannot wait to show off while I am up at boot camp!

Several months ago, I believed I was in the best shape of my life only to realize that I was not even close. Thirty Minutes is all it took for me to realize I was not in shape, in fact I did not even finish my first workout with Kevin. Although I was discouraged that I had trouble with the workout, Kevin kept letting me know that in a couple of weeks I was going to be able to finish a full thirty-minute workout with him! Encouragement is all you hear out of Kevin during the workouts and its motivational encouragement, because he never lets you stop early he helps you out through each rep, makes each set count, and gets every ounce of strength out of you!

I worked out with Kevin for about two sometimes three times a week from the beginning of January up until the first week of March. Kevin pushed my body beyond my limits; he turned my little bit of fat into muscle and gave my muscles endurance that I did not even know were capable of achieving. The thirty-minute workouts never stop, with the exception of a water break or catch your breath, Kevin just keeps making you work your muscles and he confuses them with every workout. After the second week, of working out with him I accomplished and finished a full thirty-minute workout. It is a very good feeling to finish one of his workouts, but just because you finish one workout does not mean you will finish another. Kevin will come up with more challenges for you; he does this not to see you struggle but to make you better! He does not want you to let up; all he is trying to achieve is to make you better than what your mind is telling you are.

Kevin Stewart’s workouts are great not because of the difficulty but because of the type of person Kevin is. He motivates, encourages, pushes, builds, and devotes himself to you! His personality is awesome as well because he enjoys knowing who you are! Of course, he will not exchange a full conversation during your workout time because the workout time is for working out but, he likes to focus on you as an individual and that made me feel important in the gym! Kevin knows that I played football and ran track in high school and he knows I am going into the United States Marine Corps, and his goal was to get me in my best shape. Kevin wanted to achieve the results of me being in better shape than I was during my sports seasons during high school, and through all the sweaty workouts, it was going to be achievable.

Mission accomplished, several months later I am able to run my mile and a half in nine minutes and five seconds, which is a minute and forty seconds better. I am able to do over one hundred crunches in two minutes which is about thirty more crunches than what I was doing, and finally I can do thirty pull ups, which is eleven more than what I was doing. Without Kevin, I would be only thinking that I was in shape before I head of to boot camp, but since he became my trainer I now know that I am in shape and cannot wait to show off while I am up at boot camp.

Thanks Kevin,

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