I’m working harder and realizing gains far beyond anyone else!

I’ve been working with Kevin Stewart for eight weeks and I can’t believe the improvements I’ve seen in such a short time. I had joined the Weight Watchers program and was really looking to get something more out of my fitness center membership instead of the same 45 minutes of elliptical training and the occasional 60 minutes of wandering around the different weight machines with no direction. I hired Kevin to meet with me twice a week to really focus on weight loss by making larger strides and quicker improvements through strength training. I can certainly say, without doubt, that I’m physically and mentally stronger since beginning my workout routine with Kevin. During our 30 minute sessions, it is packed full of circuit training with a focus on core strength and flexibility. I look around the fitness center and I know I’m working harder and realizing gains far beyond anyone else. I will continue to utilize and rely on Kevin for my strength training regime.

Ray Stanley

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