Kevin is the ideal “Personal Trainer”

jason-2First off, I wanna say if you are looking for a personal trainer/coach look no more. When it comes to fitness on a personal level, Kevin is the ideal “Personal Trainer”. I’ve been into fitness since 2008 and you cannot keep me out of the gym.

When I first started exercising all I wanted was to stand-out in a crowd of people. As I continued to workout on a consistent basis, my goals started to change and one of my goals was to compete in a body building competition. I spent weeks looking for a coach in the Indianapolis area, and I felt like my only choices were corporate gyms.

jason-1My experience with a trainer from a local gym wasn’t that great. When it comes to getting a personal trainer you expect them to be “personal”and help with the goals that you desire to achieve with insight. For the money I spent, I got the total opposite. The trainer gave me a meal plan that did not work with my body type and had 0 interest in me. Luckily, I was referred to Kevin from a co-worker, and I must say, the very first workout was intense.

Best workout I’ve ever had. It only lasted 30 mins and it was very proficient. My experience with Kevin is what everyone expects a personal trainer to be. Kevin sat down with me after the workout and dug deeper with my goals of wanting to participate in a body building competition. With having to stick with a strict meal plan, I would have a lot of questions about what I can and cannot eat. Kevin was available anytime I had a question and would also check up on me to see how I was feeling physically and mentally. If thats not PERSONAL I don’t know what is.

Working with Kevin was a great experience for me. His expertise will prove beneficial for everyone wether you are a beginner,intermediate,or you’ve been in the gym for a long time. My body has changed in ways I could never imagine. Not only was I in great shape, overall I felt better.I highly recommend ANYONE to work with Kevin and I expect to continue my fitness journey with him as my coach/trainer.



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