Lost 18lbs after 12 weeks of exercise and eating better!

This mother-daughter team highly recommend Stewart Fitness for your journey to better health!

Back in October 2011 my mother got some news from her physician that at 69 years young she was becoming pre-diabetic. She decided that was not acceptable and wanted to know what she could do to reverse or slow that progression, “regular exercise and eat a more balanced diet…” was the response. Mom had never belonged to a gym or exercised regularly her entire life, so in an effort to support one another we decided to begin working out together. Her Medicare Advantage Plan offered an annual gym membership for $25 at Cardinal Fitness so we joined!

Kevin Stewart, Stewart Fitness, provided our initial fitness assessments and gave us a personally designed program to get our ‘core strength’ developed in order to sustain our journey to better health. My mother returned to her physician after 12 weeks of exercise and eating better to find that she had lost 18lbs and is no longer in a pre-diabetic health status! She was amazed and very happy with that news and so was her doctor. All throughout this process Kevin has been very supportive and available to answer any of our questions and provide guidance. We both have improved our core strength and are so pleased with the program Kevin developed, now we are ready to have him ‘re-assess’ and design a whole new routine for us to follow over the next few months and take our fitness to the next level.

Cindy Mitchell

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