Once you go Stewart Fitness you never go back!!

I was always a heavy weight lifter. I had it in my mind that in order to maintain muscle mass you had to lift heavy weights. I did all the traditional uni-axial motions with heavy weights. As time went by (I got older) my joints became more and more sore. It became increasingly hard to maintain my workout routine. That is when my wife and I decided to give Kevin a try. It was tough doing Kevin’s program in the beginning for a few reasons.

1) He was reaching muscles that we had not used since high school, hence we where extremely sore (but in a good way).

2) It was hard to get away from that heavy weight mentally. In some ways it did not feel like we where working out.

3) His work out was tiring. It was highly active and much more aerobic then my old routine. That is a good thing!

After about 3 weeks we where completely sold. First and most importantly my wife and I noticed that we had not lost any muscle mass. The low weight program had not cost us one ounce of muscle. The additional benefits where a huge bonus.

1) We where much more agile. Kevin’s workouts demand multi-planer motion. This increases your agility and athleticism 10 fold. We literally felt better walking around, playing with the kids and playing sports.

2) I was surprised to see that both my wife and I where more toned and fit. I believe you burn more calories during Kevin’s workout.

3) The work out is much more enjoyable. You do work hard but you do not grimace in pain. Kevin must have 500 different ways to work us out. We never get bored.

4) For my wife and I Kevin’s work out is a great way for us to spend time together. We both get an equally great work out in 30 minutes.

Once you go Stewart Fitness you never go back!!

Paul & Theressa

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