Personal Training Fit For Life

Personal Training for YOUR Lifestyle

Stewart Fitness Training is built upon teamwork, trust and respect. Our mission is to help each client achieve their individual health and fitness goals through developing and administering cutting edge, exciting, and effective personal training programs.

Our expertise, in part, lies in a systematic progression of exercise selections to help any client reach their individual goals! No matter what your goals are, Stewart Fitness can help you gain that Winning Edge!


We Want to See YOU in the Gym!

When you train with Stewart Fitness for a minimum of two sessions per week, we will pay for your Cardinal Membership dues! Every week, we will train you, guide you, and give you the knowledge to help yourself each day. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your fitness level, prevent injury, or just maintain good health, we want to see you in the gym more than just the days we train you!

We offer:
• A knowledgeable staff of exercise specialists and healthcare professionals
• Personalized fitness programs
• Goal setting and re-evaluations
• Nutritional Guidance
• Meal Planning
• One-on-one Training
• Corporate wellness programs
• Group Personal Training (Bootcamps)
• Body fat analysis
• Measuring
• Before and After Photos

Benefits of a personalized program:

• Decrease body fat
• Increase lean muscle
• Improve cardiovascular endurance
• Increase muscle strength
• Improve flexibility
• Reduce risk of high blood pressure & diabetes
• Reduce stress
• Improve self image
• Reduce risk of injury
• Results