Sports Performance

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

This is where it all starts!

Core Training is precisely that, the foundation of your entire fitness level. Your core holds all your vital organs, it’s the largest portion of your body, and where all your strength comes from! It is essential that you involve core exercises in any sport you train for. Do you think Peyton Manning would be able to throw like he does with a weak foundation? In addition, strengthening that group of muscles gives you the basic strength needed to become a more advanced athlete.

What does it mean to be STRONG?

The ability for your body to produce force against resistance, or “strength” is commonly misunderstood by today’s physical standards. It’s not necessarily about how much you can lift. The goal for strength is to incorporate balance and core training, without which, your body will be unable to use your muscles efficiently. Our mission is to make you stronger and more powerful based on your relative size and ability.

Power up!

By its technical definition, power means the ability to combine strength with speed and how efficiently you are able to do so. Where a track runner would need the ability to explode at the start and accelerate quickly without resistance, a football lineman would need to accelerate off the line while combating nearly 300 lbs of muscle in front of him. What kind of power can you achieve?

Developing the Skill of Speed
It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, you still need to be the quickest on the track! By combining weight-resisted training to develop explosive force and cardio endurance training, we help you gain the necessary quickness to compete with the best.

Agility is the sequencing together of acceleration, deceleration, stabilization, and re-acceleration. Light, fast-moving, nimble steps. Just like in football, the ability to change direction at lightning speed is what makes the difference between first down, and touchdown! By training athletes to be light on their feet in combination with the ability to use explosive force, they gain the split-second decision making skill as well as the physical capabilities to follow through.

Keep Your Life in Balance!

Balance, combined with agility is what gives an athlete the ability to control their actions on the field. Without stabilization training, being only nimble means you can change direction fast, but can you remain stable? A sure-footed athlete is one that can make a wrong step and correct his actions before there are consequences.