Total weight lost: 78.2 lbs in 25 weeks!

Why Stewart Fitness? It’s easy! Look at me! It’s crazy!

Being a power lifter has always given me an excuse to be big, and I convince myself that getting fat is all for muscle and strength. Then I get disgusted in myself and decide I’m going to lose it all. I try a different diet every year. They all work, for the first month. I’ll lose 20-40 pounds, hit a plateau, get tired of it and then just start right back to putting on the size. My weight lifting partners always make fun of me for going back and forth. Finally, I had had enough.

I got with Kevin in August of 2009 and told I wanted to stay big, but the fat had to go. He told me to keep training like I was and follow everything else he said 100% and he would get me the results I wanted. I decided right then that this was what I needed. To prove to myself and to him that I was dedicated, I told him I wanted to try bodybuilding and he confidently said “no problem!” So on December 28, weighing in at 285.6 lbs, the transformation started.

It was amazing, and the results just got better week by week. Thirty pounds gone in the first month, down 45 by the end of month 2 and the losing did not stop. On June 5, I weighed in at 209 pounds at the GNC Classic, my first bodybuilding competition. I took first place in Heavyweight Novice and 5th place in the open division. The next weekend, I got third place in the Heavyweight Novice division of the NPC Indianapolis show. The feeling is hard to explain. It’s overwhelming knowing you have just been a part of something very few people can ever experience and doing amazing on top of that. It was wonderful. And the whole time, every minute, Kevin and Stewart Fitness were standing beside me, backing me up and giving me the confidence I needed to achieve my goals. I came in looking better than I could have ever dreamed.

None of this could have been accomplished without the time and dedication that Kevin gave me. I know I was not the only person he was training. He was doing boot camps, training clients and taking care of his family, but he still always made me feel like I was his only priority. Kevin has that great ability to help and support so many people, but still allow each one to feel like they have 100% of his attention and dedication.

Thanks Kevin and Stewart Fitness, I can’t wait to continue my journey in bodybuilding with you by my side!

Michael VanDuyn

Starting weight: 285.6 lbs
Best weigh in: 207.4 lbs
Total weight lost: 78.2 lbs in 25 weeks

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